There is and (in iphones only) to find a date and suggested place to date.

Action speaks louder than words. Men who choose to text only and not meet have a disadvantage.

So meet your date in person. And get an idea of who the person is. Ask the three most important questions dear to your heart and if the answers are satisfactory based on your standards, you found the person you want to spend some time with.

Dress to impress, choose a relaxing and romantic environment. In a coffee or tea restaurant, know that chocolate can be an aphrodisiac to both sexes.

A good conversation is where both parties get a chance to talk and to listen. Men should be aware that women expect them to take turns in the conversation, and for every question he answers, he should ask one of her.

Keep the conversation light and positive. This is not the time to complain about your job, criticize the food or grumble about traffic. Sharing problems this early can feel like complaining or neediness to the other person. The first date is your opportunity to express your best self to the other person and negativity can be a real turn-off.

Discussing very personal issues can easily scare off a prospective relationship. These include your political beliefs, your medical history and especially your past relationships. This also means you shouldn’t ask your date about these topics. Keep it light and discuss your favorite movies, music, places you have been and things you like to do

Email for any suggestions on how to succeed on your first date. Success means getting a second date.