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Curated cancer-free healing tips

An ebook written by Connie Dello Buono to help others transform in their own way, share stories, provide Do It Yourself preventive health and healing ways, learn from research, collect top health posts, topics dear to others, survival challenges and life changing actions towards success and focusing on goals and not fears.

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Arise, love more and focus on goals and not fears

Keywords:  love, goals, fears, action, transform,

  • When the bully or haters says you are fat, dance
  • Move and be positive for each day you can transform
  • And be the person you want to be


Arise, move and put love in action.

What are your goals or health issues, prevent failure or disease and  repair damage of failure and disease

What: A Lung cancer story

Prevent: Health Education

Repair: Whole foods , lifestyle and medication

When my father died at 64 years of age of lung cancer and my mother died of liver cancer at age 83, I vowed to help others through health education.

Whole foods can help rid our bodies from toxins inside and outside. Modern society are filled with man-made chemicals that are harmful to our bodies.  Since he was in last stage of cancer, we opted for no chemo and radiation. We massaged his pain and cared for him at home with 2 oxygen tanks, tag teams, prayers and whole foods (green papaya and apple juice). He died 9 months later. The doctor believed that he has only 3 months to live at the time of diagnosis.

Sleep to clean your cells

Sleep help us clean our bodies from toxins. As we do deep cleansing breaths , breathing in from the nose and breathing out of our mouths, we oxygenate our cells allowing our lungs to clean our cells. 70% of the toxins from our bodies are removed by breathing and is a function of our lungs.

Clean air and water

Many smokers should be aware that second-hand smoke can kill. Air pollution caused more deaths than HIV and tuberculosis combined.

Water contaminants harm humans, fish and all creatures.  Manure in soil that seep into our water can cause neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Vitamin C to fight toxins from within

Vitamin D from the sun can kills bacteria, fungus and molds

Over medication create more untoward side effects and are unnecessary for optimum health. Medications must be used for a short period of time and then slowly weaned off. Drug addiction from morphine caused many deaths and emotional burden in the population.

Current therapy: Get help from professionals, change current lifestyle to a healthy one, avoid toxins and parasites, eat whole foods and learn more about your body.

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