How do you maximize your income? By saving more and making your money work for you. But how? It can be a hobby that becomes a side business. Do you value your time that you do not waste it on something that will not give you future value in terms of happiness, retirement income or other goals close to your heart.

I have been going to thrift store since I arrived in the US and to limit once a year to go to the mall to shop. I know that I can live simply by not over spending. For many years, I pay cash only or spend based on my cash balance.

During those times, I was sending many children to college, my own and my nieces and nephew. I value education and believe that it is the greatest investment we could have.

Now, I am saving for retirement and growing my business to give me more freedom in the future and to retire early.

Where do you want to be during retirement? Do you want to be mortgage free? Do you want to spend from the income generated by your savings or business.

Make a list each day of where your money went and should go. Live simply, make money work for you.

At the end of each day, your time is lost and the energy you put into it must be useful and has future value.

It always goes back to the question of where do you put your energy during the day that will give you fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.