Missing my high school classmates in the Philippines

We see each other every day more than our parents and siblings.

We laugh , share food and tease each other like brothers and sisters.

We missed one another when one is absent or sick.

I remembered waking up every morning looking forward to school

To glance at my high school crushes

We shared torn textbooks.

We laugh at each other with no care to what others will say

We brave the heat to march for our Citizens Army Training just to be with each other.

There is no weapon for mass killing only giggles and laughter.

There is a space in my heart for all my classmates whom I treat like brothers and sisters

For memories are forever treasured more than money can buy

Time well spent and wish I am back in high school.

Connie Benedicto


See you all on Feb 11, 2023 in the Philippines, TOQ and Silang Report for 45th PCSHS and 49th NABES reunion to remember. www,reunionnichols.com