Find your goals and passion. These two things make or break the chances of finding success or failure. Without a goal, you can have an excuse of procrastination.

There are no excuses in life. A man with no hands and legs became a public speaker. Exercise , have adequate sleep and eat healthy so that your physical aspect is ready to take on any challenge. Let every day be a challenge to win and be closer to reaching your goals.

Love yourself. You have a brain that is so powerful and unused to its maximum potential. Surround yourself with positive and happy goal-setting people.

Finding happiness in what we do is how I define success. Our children are loaned by God to us. We work and save to support our retirement so we can be free to do the things we love. Have passion.

Get a motivation friend or partner. Street smart and IQ smart are both important and so are your connections. Reach out, tell the world what you need. It took me 5 tries to get a US tourist visa. And many nights to read the computer software guide in 1983 to be able to train others in the use of DBase and Lotus.

Each action you take each day will have a reward at the end. Have patience but do your part. Learn new things everyday. The internet has many free skills and knowledge without going to school. There is Youtube and
Your coach,

Connie Dello Buono