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Most men and women in their 50s are concerned about chronic disease seeing many of their families and relatives died of heart or lung disease because a chronic illness was not diagnosed early.

Each person is unique in the way they react or fight disease. Each one is exposed to environmental toxins that can weaken their immune system. See immune system, inflammation, sleep, whole foods, toxins, detox, liver, gut microbes, metabolism, sugar, cancer and aging in this site to learn more about the relationships of many factors that contribute to chronic illness.

Here are some medical narratives that I observed in the way some of the people died and lived their lives.

A 68 yr old male died of pancreatic cancer. He had been taking  anti-viral and other medications early in life. During his middle age coupled with stress, he worked hard and not getting good sleep.

Another male, 74 yr old, died of pancreatic cancer. He has worked in 2 jobs for the past 20 years and also did not get good sleep and his diet includes dried salted fish.

A female of 75 yrs of age died of ovarian cancer and diabetes. She loves to cook all the sugar and processed foods she loved.

A 93 yr old who is still alive has a big kidney stone that she does not want operated on. She has a hip replacement. We added lemon and apple cider vinegar and baking soda in her drinks.

My 82 yr old mom who only takes one med, anti-hypertensive experienced groin pain and reading from her blood and urine lab tests, I suspected virus so I suggested that she take her supplement of turmeric, ginger and oregano , Wholemend from Whole Foods and she ate many whole foods including bone broth. I also massaged her with oil and added essential oils of eucalyptus.

There are many stories and each one is unique. Email if you need help in researching about your health.