sc redwoods.JPG

I love the redwood , laurel and eucalyptus trees. I love the beach, even when the water is cold I can dip my body.

Next week, I will show the place to my high school BFF, Lynell.

I remembered seeing these pics from torn Reader’s Digest magazine from my grandma. I consumed this magazine and the dictionary after high school.

I promised to see these trees in the future, I said to myself then.

I love Northern California greenery, Whole Foods Store, Trader Joes , the farmers market and its people.

When I was in Oregon and Puerto Rico for more than a month, I missed Cali.

Before coming to N Cali, I worked in Taiwan and been dreaming about Cali since then after I saw it in 1983.

Every summer, I would drive my 2 children to Santa Cruz beach even when the highway is a dangerous zigzag one.

I got into a car accident 4 months of my arrival to Cali and driving the first Santa Cruz hwy 17 as first time driver.

I conquered my fear remembering that my father is the bravest driver I know.

In ten years, I plan to bring my future grandchildren to Santa Cruz beach for being in nature is healing to our bodies.