Growing up in Nichols Air Base, I have to be brave enough to try something new. I did not know if Trigonometry is hard, I was brave enough to enroll with my GF Grace and Beth. And then with Shirley, I thought I wanted to be a teacher so I got her to enroll with me at PNU. After a year, I am so fearless, I wanted to join technology and study Chemistry and ended up finishing BS in Mathematics (at Adamson University) instead, a subject I am not good at in High School.

Still being fearless from hanging out with Evelyn and other BFF, I tried to finish college and seek employment at a high tech company that only hires grads from Ateneo and De La Salle.

Wish I paid attention to my high school English teacher, I am inspired to work abroad to better our standard of living in the Philippines and to send my brothers and sisters to school. There is no college loans in the Philippines and when I was a high school teacher my pay was only $50 per month. My inspiration when I was teaching Physics in high school in Cavite was my Physics teacher when I was in 4th year high school, so well dressed and so clear in teaching. Thanks to all my high school teachers at Nichols Air Base Pasay City, you are all amazing in your own way.

Still inspired to pursue my dream of living in the land of promises, I tried to work in  California. And then, I was inspired more with homebirths of my two young babies, I stayed home for 3 years to care for them and studied nursing and midwifery at home.

I was fearless as part time pharmacy technician instructor in the bay area, my students do not sleep whenever I teach them about what is happening to their bodies for each neuro med that is taken.

I told my two young adult children to be brave when driving their cars just like my dad. To be inspired and have goals early on and to be fearless when faced with challenges and learning new things.

In my bucket list someday is to inspire the next generation of high school graduates at Nichols Air Base Pasay City South High School, the school where it all started to give me the freedom I want in life.