An elderly being cared for by a Filipina caregiver asked his son to leave priesthood to marry her caregiver. And he did. After 45 years of marriage , they survived a heart attack and diabetes and still happily married. The Filipina caregiver was in her late 30s with 4 children when she left the Philippines with 4 young children to separate from her abusive husband.

During the last 40 plus years of marriage, they had many grandchildren from the wife’s 4 children and they never had their own children but he treated his stepchildren and step-grandchildren like his own.

Together they operated their care home business, he does the grocery shopping and talking to clients and their families while she hired the caregivers and fixed the house (carpenter and administrator).

Now, they are both retired and leaving the business for their children to manage. I see them once a month to drive her around the bay area since she is the best friend of my mom. Both of them spend time volunteering in their church. I learned a lot about caregiving from both of them in the way they treat their senior clients in their care homes (3).

Their secret to a loving marriage is their faith in God and their unconditional love for each other.