Hospitals are for surgery and medical emergency. I delivered my children at home with nurse midwives. Thank God I do not have a major operation. Some family members spent few minutes in an outpatient setting for cataract and other minor treatment. I drove a friend for an outpatient surgical breast implant.

Hospitals are not suited for hospice patients dying of cancer since you can spend more quality time at home with love ones.

Family, caregivers and hospice nurses take time in caring for your needs. Most of the time, you are bed-ridden and having no big appetite or is constipated.

The loving presence of family and caregivers are more important than medications during the last stage of our lives.

I once massaged a senior who had diabetes and dying of ovarian cancer. Her legs are blackened and I taught another caregiver how to comfort her at night. She lived for 6 days more when the doctor said she only have 2 days to live.  Later on during the funeral mass, her family asked all caregivers to stand and get an applause from the audience. It is heart warming when families appreciate the work of all caregivers.

In the bay area , the most common cancers we have experienced from our clients are ovarian, prostate, pancreatic, lung, brain , bone and kidney cancers.