Join Dr. Douglas Husbands and other San Francisco Bay Area health care practitioners for our March 6th 2018 Foster City Functional Forum meetup at the Foster City Community Center in the Port Room (upstairs) from 6 to 8 p.m. We’ll be viewing some of the highlight presentations regarding practicing Functonal Medicine from the Functional Forum. Come with an appetite, for we’ll have a healthy delicious catered dinner.
Over the last four years, the Functional Forum has grown to encompass 50 shows, 170 podcasts, countless conferences and summits, four unique practice development products, numerous media appearances and over 100 Meetup Groups across five countries.
We could have never anticipated the level of excitement the Forums would generate about a “kNew” era in medicine, and we can’t wait to share what we have planned next.
In this month’s episode, Evolution of Medicine will travel back across the highlights of the past 50 Functional Forums.
Forums to showcase how we got here, the main themes driving our community’s success and why those same themes will bring about a “kNew” era of predictive, preventive and patient-centered medicine powered by community.
Throughout the one-hour broadcast, you will hear from some of our most popular speakers including:
Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD NYT-Best-Selling author of “A Mind of Your Own”
Tom Blue, a veteran and pioneer in the field of direct-primary-care and concierge medicine
Dr. Jay Lombard, MD internationally-acclaimed neurologist, author and co-founder of Genomind
Dr. Jeffrey Gladd, MD Chief Medical Officer at kNew Health
Dr. Terry Wahls, MD University professor, researcher and creator of “The Wahls Protocol” and Functional Medicine textbook
..and many more
This “kNew” vision is well on its way to radically shifting how healthcare and functional medicine is procured, distributed, funded and accepted by patients and corporations across the country.