We care creating a list of caregivers and caregiving agencies per city, per state and per country.

We should find a way to help seniors and older adults in need of in home non medical care. This will save them time and money, than spending more days in hospitals , rehab or nursing facilities.

With one on one care, a patient and caring companion or caregiver can bring more energy to a senior needing extra loving care and hugs.

More and more seniors live up to 100 years of age because they have a friend, confidant and one who gives them a hug and massage.

The list of helpers should not be limited to the bay area but must also include other cities.

So if you would like to “get the word out” to hundreds of thousands of families across America (in a cost effective way) about your expertise in in-home health care for home-bound seniors or older adults with Alzheimer, Dementia, Diabetes, Stroke, Parkinson’s and other health issues that they need 24/7 care with a companion to assist them at home, in nursing homes or other facilities, then add your info here: