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Thank you all for visiting. Please share the post to all so we can help reduce chronic care cost and prevent cancer and other chronic disease.

We are keepers of health information and it is our hope that we can help in keeping a healthy population and reduce health care costs.

No more ERs, no more surgeries.

I always teach my caregivers to massage seniors at home and assist them in their daily activities like family.

That each senior has a unique health issue but common need of hugs and care.

In hugging and kissing, we make their immune system strong to give them a good sleep and less anxiety.

Hospitals, rehab and nursing homes are busy that a one-on-one personal care from a loving caregiver would bring good health and rapid recovery. Take care of your body, dear caregivers. You made many seniors smile.

Bay area seniors who live alone need a companion, a caregiver and a friend.