steamed bao.JPG

I still remember my 4 years in Taipei where I pass by vendors mixing pork with cabbage and flour. They cook this delicious steamed bun and dumplings for breakfast and lunch.

I love these dumplings and buns. For dinner, I would buy T20 Taiwan dollar fried calamari.  I would try to limit my selection of foods during the last week of each month as I am sending my hard earned money home to the Philippines.

The number one dollar earning of the Philippines comes from migrant workers like me. With big family to feed, we are at the mercy of family members working abroad. I was blessed to finish my BS degree at Adamson University when the tuition fee is affordable then.

Now, I have 2 nieces who graduated at Adamson U and the tuition is so high. Fortunately, their grandma works in the the USA.