I received the following info from a realtor this morning.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to “do well by doing good.” This deal will provide much-needed affordable housing in California, and will create a new clean, renewable solar power source for residents. Investors will earn a 7% annual preferred return which will be tax-free for the first 15 years of the investment thanks to the unique tax treatment of both mobile home parks and solar installations.  Minimum investment is $25,000, and maximum investment is $400,000. ”

What if we all can band together to form a solar based community or mobile home parks. At azchampion.com , we can buy modular homes starting at $20k, $10k to install and $5k to deliver. A foundation has extra costs if built in a regular home structure. We all can join forces in buying mobile home parks in California and expanding. Some sellers are retiring.

Many homeowners in the bay area wanted to down size and be free from capital gains from the sale of their $2M homes which they bought for only $40k 50 years ago.

Property tax is so high. Our millenials do not want to own their first house in California.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com if you want to join the the call for affordable homes in California, going green.