I was researching what to sell to amazon. For fear of losing my money, I am starting with my ebook. You may review the first 20 pages, taken from my answers at Quora.com . In time, I will update each topic to include the latest research and experience from others. Please email motherhealth@gmail.com for your input, knowledge and stories.

I am selecting the top topics with more views to record those issues important to more people. In preventing chronic disease, we need to focus on the root cause and to start early on prevention.

We believe in medical science, holistic approach to healing and personalized way of caring for our bodies. In Germany, doctors are allowed to prescribe herbs. Some people have to travel to other countries to find health solutions or have medical surgery. We use the internet to find health knowledge. We can help you find these knowledge.



Transform Inside and out – path to disease and healing Connie Dello Buono v1 3-18-18