Share your stories as nurses busy caring for more than 10 clients at a time every day and surrounded by smiling faces, anxiety, fear and pain.

As nurses and caregivers, you are there to provide comfort for the bedridden, confused and those who are terminally ill.

What comes to your mind for each patient you serve? You always put a caring and loving face even when you are tired.

How do you take care of yourself? Do not be burned out by working more than 12 hours a day on your feet and in a physically intensive environment. Keep a healthy mind and body. You need that energy to bring energy to others to heal their minds and bodies as well.

We all know that your presence can make a difference to the speed of recovery. Reach out for support.

A village is needed to care for our sick.

Here are my nurses:

My mom and grandma would massage me when I am sick, prepare some herbal mixture and put a hot compress to my tummy when needed.

My midwife would also put a warm compress on my perinuem as support for the birthing of my baby. She would later teach me how to massage and breastfeed my babies.

My nurse practitioner would listen to my stories and explain the test results and give me more knowledge on how to care for my body.

My mom’s family doctor would guide me how to care for my 83 yr old mother.

My clients care providers, visiting hospice nurses , podiatrist, physical therapists and doctors would provide more knowledge on senior care at home.

Knowledge in health care is a vital force that can transform the way we care for our own bodies and that of  others.

This ebook will be just that.From care professionals, to mothers and grandmothers and other lay person who can impart the holistic way of caring with combo of science and other healing modalities.

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