Please review these 50 pages of my contribution at (soon to be in ebook format) as I will release the first part of a series of health knowledge derived from the internet, wiki, Dr Mercola,  and from other health pros and health experiences in various cultures and environment.

It is my  goal to also print all the posts in this blog, 10,000+,  in an easy to understand format so that we can be empowered to make the right choices in preventing chronic health disease. Disease is a dis-information or lack of knowledge of our bodies, environment and effects of lifestyle in this century from medications to chemical substances.

Curated health knowledge – a path to healing and disease

Join us in building a community of like minded people helping others be disease free and ease the pain of those who are in pain from various ailments.

To continue this blog, share more stories and resources for others including help in finding senior clients for Motherhealth who has a lot of caregivers trained to help seniors with Alzheimer’s and other chronic disability needing 24/7 care in the bay area, non medical as caring companion and compassionate home assistant.