Two parents must work to afford housing.

One must sell their house to pay for surgery or nursing homes.

One must pay half of the paycheck for one medication.

A family must pay for half their paycheck for health insurance premiums for 3.

Day care costs a  third of their paycheck.

Single mothers must have 2 jobs to afford housing.

College students must work to pay for tuition, college expenses especially textbooks, food and housing.

More than one third of income must pay for housing.

Low wages stopped others from spending money to go back to school of higher learning and more skills.

High housing costs is making families leave their families and neighbors to look for affordable cities outside of the bay area.

Housing costs accounts for more than half of the total income of middle class.

Low wages account for less college grads in middle class household as each children must work and be employed before finishing college.

Low wages make each person go for 2-3 jobs to pay for housing and other expenses.

Low wages make it harder for families to get higher education and more skills.

High cost of college and expensive textbooks make it harder to finish college early.

High cost of housing makes it difficult to own your own house in the bay area.

But , these struggles are not roadblocks to those who will work hard, only it takes time and a lot of sacrifices.