Healing from within, transform inside and out – Part 1

Healing from within – transform inside and out part 1

I have compiled my answers at Quora and other research/posts at this site to come out with part 1 (130 pages) of an ebook to help more people prevent chronic health disease. Your feedback for part 1 of this ebook on healing is much appreciated. Email motherhealth@gmail.com

Healing Powers 9
Know that with anxiety, our nervous system is not in optimum health and lowers our immune system making us prone to inflammation. 9
Somatic psychology centralizes body awareness as a primary healing agent in psychotherapy. Somatic therapy starts with an understanding of our nervous system. 9
What does the nervous system do? 9
Control of body’s internal environment to maintain ‘homeostasis’ 10
Programming of spinal cord reflexes 10
Memory and learning 10
Voluntary control of movement 10
When anxious or having a panic attack, our immune system goes down and making us prone to diseases. 11
When I was 18–32 years of age 11
Why do we grow old if our cells completely regenerate themselves? Does oxygen have something to do with it? 12
How Your Body Rebuilds Itself In Under 365 Days 13
Your entire body totally rebuilds itself in less than 2 years – and 98% in less than a year. 13
Your body builds a whole new skeleton in 3 months 13
Muscle regeneration 14
Exercise and Lactate 18
What will happen if a person accidentally drinks kerosene/petrol/diesel? 20
Why do I get my period every 3 weeks? Is it normal? 20
If body weight is brought down into control and uric acid levels kept down for some prolonged time, can gout be cured permanently? 20
Why does urine smell burnt? 23
How long does it take for damaged nerves to repair themselves? 23
Does eating eggs impede healing? Chinese medicine describes eggs as “fa wu,” that can cause wounds to heal slowly. Surgeons tell patients to not eat eggs, seafood, beef or lamb after surgery. What are the differences between the sources of protein? 25
Is there a good natural alternative to Ranitidine? 28
How do I treat coarse hair to make it smooth like baby hair? 33
I’m 36 years old, and my SGPT level is 131. Is this serious? How can I reduce my SGPT level in a week? 34
Is it bad to take an antacid everyday? 34
What are the possible causes of back pain with white discharge? 36
Why are alcoholics skinny? 36
What could cause an low basophil count? 37
How long does it take for uti go away? 37
Why do people always ask for boiling water when helping a woman give birth? 37
What is the life expectancy of stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to the bones and liver? 38
What happens if you starve yourself during pregnancy? 38
Can high SGPT and SGOT lead to heart disease? 39
What’s a good analogy to explain the immune system? 39
Is it true that hair is a natural extension of the nervous system? 40
Why can’t I sleep with an empty stomach? 40
What chemicals in your brain make you attracted to a person? 41
Is there a link between ecstasy/MDMA and Parkinson’s Disease? 42
Do antidepressants like Mirtazapine have long-term negative effects on the brain? 43
Does drinking warm water reduce cholesterol? 45
Should I worry about lung cancer at 21 years old? 45
Why are protein bars giving me terrible stomach aches, when I had no problems with them before? 45
What could cause an low basophil count? 46
Why can’t I sleep with an empty stomach? 46
How can I stop eggs from causing me diarrhea? 46
Why does taking a CoQ10 supplement make me so tired? 46
After being sick how long will you be immune to a cold until you get it again? 47
Why do Alzheimer’s patients love sweets so much? 48
What are the causes of swelling legs with pain in the waist down? What are the remedies available in alternate medicine? 48
What is the best nutrition? 51
How do I avoid getting a sore mouth roof when eating a grilled panini? 51
Is it true that post-gallbladder removal, one must keep to a low fat diet or risk frequent stomach/intestinal upset? 52
Could a woman give birth without any help? 52
What are the benefits of eating chicken soup during pregnancy? 53
Is sipping on Powerade good for an upset stomach? 53
What are the natural ways to cure lipomas? 53
What happens to the remains of phagocytosis or any other unwanted particles inside a cell? Are they digested by lysosomes or are they expelled (if so following which path)? 55
Can balsamic vinegar help with gout? 55
What is lactic acid headache? 57
Has anybody calculated how many cigarettes it takes to kill a person, say in 1 year? 57
How can you describe the pain of childbirth? 58
What are the causes of swelling legs with pain in the waist down? What are the remedies available in alternate medicine? 59
Does alcohol consumption give you more cellulite? 62
What will happen if you give up treatments for PCOS? 66
A PCOS diet 67
Following a low GI (glycaemic index) diet 67
Foods to include in a PCOS diet 68
What type of food increases serotonin levels in your brain? 70
Serotonin rich 70
Folate-rich Foods 71
Vitamin C-rich Foods 71
Dopamine rich 72
When will Souvenaid become available in Canada and US to treat Alzheimer’s Disease? 72
What is the relationship between seratonin and dopamine in the brain? 74
Does menstruation carry toxins out of the body? 75
Is their any natural way to prevent pregnancy instead of taking a pill? 75
Can antioxidants help with hangovers? 75
Is Vicodin an anti-inflammatory? If so, why? 77
Should I worry about lung cancer at 21 years old? 78
Is Xanax considered an opiate? 78
Can Adderall damage to dopamine receptors be repaired? 82
Does eating peanuts affect eczema or psoriasis? 83
What small thing can tell you a lot about a person? 83
How neural stem cells in women respond differently to alcohol exposure 84
Does alcohol consumption makes you prone to have more cellulite? 87
Alcohol depletes calcium 87
Alcohol and accelerated brain aging 87
Stress and alcohol 88
Alcohol and skin aging 89
Alcohol depletes the skin of nutrients. 90
Nutrients depleted by alcohol and tobacco 90
Pregnant Woman’s Immune Response Could Lead to Brain Disorders in Kids 91
What is maternal immune activation? 92
Why does MIA increase the risk of brain disorders? 93
During pregnancy, the mother’s cytokines can affect the fetus. 93
MIA, genetics and environment 94
Connie’s comments 95
Why am I feeling so nauseous at 37 weeks pregnant? 96
Boron in Almonds and avocados for your bones 97
The Benefits of Boron for Your Bones 98
How Much Do You Need? 99
Organic foods, boron and cancer 99
Health Effects of Boron 101
The Arthritis Cure of Rex Newnham 102
Osteoporosis and Sex Hormones 105
Fungi and Fluoride 107
Calcium-Magnesium Metabolism 110
Possible Side-Effects 114
Toxicity Issues 115
The Assault on Borax 118
Working Memory Positively Associated with Higher Physical Endurance and Better Cognitive Function 122
An integrated brain–behavior model for working memory 124
Can drinking a lot of coffee give someone brain damage? 125
Latest research on caffeine 125
Scientific evidence for and against caffeine 126
Slow and Fast Metabolizers 127
The Caffeine Gene’s Split Personality 128
Heart Attack Risk: What the Caffeine Gene Shows 128
Are You Insane, or Just Over-Caffeinated? 129
Is sipping on Powerade good for an upset stomach? 129
How to cure lymphoma in pets naturally? 130
How to Help Your Pet Avoid Lipomas 130
Is there a cure for atrial fibrillation? 131
What taxes the heart? 132
Mineral Nutrient Balance 134
Do stimulants (amphetamines, cocaine) cause downregulation of glutamate signalling (in addition to dopamine)? 136
Glutamate down-regulation can be lead to Alzheimer’s disease (a type 3 diabetes) 136
Excitotoxicity 137
Neurodegeneration 138
Is there any scientific evidence that scalp massages increase hair growth? 139
What is the function of the cholesterol molecules in a cell membrane? 139
Are short fat women stronger than tall skinny men? 139
Tall people: Cancer 139
Short people: Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Stroke 140
Stroke 140
Alzheimer’s Disease 141
Both: Diabetes 141

Healing from within – transform inside and out part 1


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