Our children marching in unity to effect a change

Our children marched in Washington DC today to shout to the world that they are survivors. “We want change” is what they are chanting. We have to let their voices be heard old folks. The future belongs to the children. Please speak truth and stand up to the truth. Old folks, forget about your hatred with immigration for your children believes in inclusion. Old folks, let it go. Let the children’s voices be heard saying “We want change”.

There is unity in strength.

Our bodies working in unity

Like our bodies, our brain, skin and metabolism have to work in concert to ensure our immune system is strong to kill any invaders. Calm your spirit, to rest when you are tired to let another day pass with rest so that your body can rebuild anew.

We create new cells each moment we breath and learn new skills. Let our body remove all toxins when we sleep and during the elimination process. We eliminate these by products of cell growth thru our urine, feces, perspiration, tears, saliva and other mucus.  We should not over medicate.

We must use the power of the sun, whole foods, movement and exercise , adequate sleep and the power of the mind and body to heal.

We must acknowledge our bodies sending signals to sleep, rest and feel love. We hug, kiss and feel the earth to be happy and wise.

We need to take care of our bodies or all our savings will be used to pay for our expenses for when we are sick during old age.

Let all the cells in our body do their task in concert and in unity with no  toxins, processed foods, alcohol, nicotine and other toxins in the environment such as dirty water and air pollution.