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When my father had lung cancer in fourth-last stage, I saw that his PSA value is outside the range and other liver and kidney blood biomarkers. He had been coughing every night for the last 5-10 years , had tuberculosis many years before , been sleep deprived when he was working as a taxi driver, started smoking early but quit 15 years ago, eating charred BBQ and meat only diet and was working in a mining company for many years.

When my 82 yr old mom has groin pain, her platelet count is outside the normal range and so I target her immune system and gave her a combo of turmeric, ginger and oregano capsule from Whole Foods Store. I also massaged her with my mixture of massage oil and prepared whole foods meals to increase her immune system. I told her that when she has anxiety, her immune system will be weaker to fight any inflammation or infection. She always get an infection when she travels for 12000 miles and sitting for 13 hours inside the airplane.

In my upcoming ebook, Healing within – transform inside and out, a self help and self cure ebook will list top topics close to your heart , related to your habits and lifestyle, genetic predisposition and more. Email motherhealth@gmail.com to review the book as it is written.

The first step in preventive health is knowing your body, signs and symptoms, blood test results and other information you can get from your doctor and yourself.

Life Extension has a list of blood tests for men and women , email me if you want a test based on your personal health issues as I am one of their wholesellers.

Healing from within – transform inside and out part 1

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Blood Test Results – Your Complete Guide to Understanding Numbers

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Aug 20, 2012 – So if there are irregularities, other tests will be required. Useful for diagnosing anemia, this test determines how much of the total blood volume in the body consists of red blood cells. Redblood cells contain hemoglobin, which makes blood bright red. … Low levels of hemoglobin may indicate anemia.

The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Your Blood Test Results – Greatist

Feb 18, 2015 – Low platelet count (below 150,000 platelets per microliter, mcL) can indicate risk for excessive bleeding, while a high count (400,000 or above) may show a risk for blood clots. The meanplatelet value test measures the average amount of platelets and can reveal subtle disorders when platelet counts are normal.

Blood Test Results Explained | Health Testing Centers

Sample Test Results and Specific Blood Test Results ExplainedFollowing is a general example of theresults of a blood test, a cholesterol blood testResults, relevant ranges, and alerts are highlighted for illustrative purposes:

What to do when blood test results are not quite “normal” – Harvard …

Jun 3, 2016 – For example, if your routine blood work includes a test for calcium in the blood, your labmay list the normal range for calcium as 8.3 to 9.9 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

Lab Test Results Guide: Positive vs Negative, Ranges, Accuracy, & More

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Nov 25, 2017 – If you’re waiting for lab test results to come back or you’re trying to figure out what theymean, the process and all those medical terms and numbers can be … To check on how you’re doing generally, like cholesterol or blood sugar tests when you have a physical; To answer a specific question, like “Do you …

What Your Blood Test Results Mean – Women’s Health

Oct 15, 2012 – Those crazy-looking abbreviations and jumbles of numbers on your blood test resultsreveal a lot about your health—if you know how to assess them. Find out what your cholesterol, CBC, and glucose should read, and how to fix any trouble spots.

How To Read Your Wellness Blood Test Results – Walkin Lab

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Jul 17, 2017 – The total protein test measures how much of the proteins albumin and globulin are in your body. Understanding your blood test results when it comes to protein… The normal range for total protein is between 6 and 8.3 (g/dL). High protein could mean inflammation or infections, such as viral hepatitis B or C, …

Lab Tests Online: Patient Resources

Reference Ranges and What They Mean. A reference range is a set of values that includes upper and lower limits of a lab test based on a group of otherwise healthy people. By comparing your test resultswith reference values, you and your healthcare provider can see if any of your test results fall outside the range of …

Understanding Your Lab Test Results – American Cancer Society

Apr 22, 2016 – When you have cancer it often seems like someone is always taking blood for some kind of testBlood tests are done to help watch your body’s response to treatment. They can show small changes before problems get serious. Keeping track of your results lets your doctor take action as soon as your blood …

Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Your Blood Test Results …

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Sep 6, 2017 – Routine blood tests are generally done to look for problems, so if your CBC, bloodchemistry, and cholesterol results fall within normal ranges, the doctor’s office may not reach out to you about your report. Or they may send you a copy with little or no explanation. But even if things appear normal, be sure to …

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