Eggplant and apple cider vinegar for skin cancer
Signs of the preactive/ active phase of dying and medications for terminally ill
DMSO, hydrogen peroxide and Vit C fight cancer cells
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Non pasteurized beers have more health benefits
Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise with nose breathing to lower blood pressure and thin blood
Autism Like Behaviors in Children Linked to Low Vitamin D Levels in Mothers
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Autism Like Behaviors in Children Linked to Low Vitamin D Levels in Mothers
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Know your blood test results to help guide your wellness goals
Can balsamic vinegar help with gout?
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Lung Cancer deaths from 55-70
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What does the phrase “vindictive personality mean?”
Declutter – KonMari Method
Detox your lungs from air pollution and metal toxins and for early lung cancer
The World’s smoking population
Know your blood test results to help guide your wellness goals
Hunched posture in Dementia and Parkinsons
How does a CBC test for a leukemia patient usually look like?
What does the phrase “vindictive personality mean?”
Dutch Researchers Develop ThromboSeq Test to Detect Lung Cancer
Alcohol Dependent People May Lack Important Enzyme
Weird Facts about Tall and Short People by Lisa Collier Cool
Serum vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 as predictor of Chronic Heart Failure
Nitric Oxide for strong blood vessels’ cells , up with exercise, melons, cucumber, Vit C, E, amino acid – L-arginine, L-citrulline
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24-hr lip stain for powerful lips
Stress can sabotage Self Control
Fight VIRUS with Enzymes from pineapple and papaya, baking soda, alkaline food, calcium and magnesium from whole foods
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To spread, nervous system viruses – herpes – sabotage cell, hijack transportation
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Gastroparesis, Betain HCL, diabetes and stomach health
In Sympathetic Nervous System Why the digestion of food is slow? Where as in fight or flight we need more energy.?
What is Precision, predictive and Personalize  Medicine vs patient-centered care
Cost of complete DNA sequencing from $95,000 to $1,5000
Increase the body’s oxygen carrying capacity with exercise, EPO and whole foods
Philippines president Dutarte asked each town to prepare a list of drug users and pushers
Melanoma genes
Boron fights radiation by Dr Mercola
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Nutrigenomics, anti-aging and obesity
FOXO3, a gene linked to intelligence and involved in insulin signalling that might trigger apoptosis
My dad has serum creatinine 2.49. Is that threatening? He is diabetic.?
4 longevity genes: Myc, Oct 3/4 , Sox 2 and Klf4
Damage to Blood–brain barrier (BBB) pathways leading to Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
Potassium for weight loss
Pain killers damage to the liver and the heart
Automated mfg data collection using DMS -DCS of Infinity QS
Chronic antacid use adverse effects to your kidneys
Growth hormone rich foods
Leaky gut, leaky brain, eat your garlic and pickles by C Guthrie
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Urine DNA Test Shows Potential for Early Bladder Cancer Detection
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Link between liver disease and heart problems
Clean up our lymps to reduce restless leg syndrome
How important is the thymus gland in keeping your body free from diseases?
Association of Coffee Consumption With Total and Cause-Specific Mortality Among Nonwhite Populations
Hypocretin, Insomia or  Sleep Disturbances, Narcolepsy, Depression and Parkinson’s
Jackfruit and cancer
I’m 36 years old, and my SGPT level is 131. Is this serious? How can I reduce my SGPT level in a week?
Anti-aging and Parkinson/Alzheimer’s prevention: Enzymes and apple cider vinegar
Metabolism is life sustaining and sum of all chemical reactions for growth and death of cells
Stomach pain, skin issues, insomnia and headache should be monitored early on to prevent future chronic diseases
Stop your cravings with purple fruits/veggies and power of your mind
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Shingles Natural Treatments
Anesthesia and Surgery during Infancy May Impact White Matter during Childhood
Legal services for Seniors
Common side effects of Gabapentin
Spices that boost testosterone
skin inflammation
Dutch Researchers Develop ThromboSeq Test to Detect Lung Cancer
Social interaction affects cancer patients’ response to treatment
Avoid chronic bronchitis with green apple, onions, garlic, vinegar and rest
Mullein herb for lung and breast health – COPD signs, symptoms and diagnosis
Blue bions – high energy whole foods kills T-bacilli cancer cells
Muscle tissue changes with aging
Brain detox, eyes,
Degenerative Joint Disease by Dr Axe
Walking and running increase the brain’s hippocampal volume preventing Alzheimer’s and pulmonary diseases
Stop aging of your face with DIY Vitamin C serum by wellnessmama
Apple cider vinegar kills parasites, cleansing to the liver and prevents stroke
Yerba buena for head aches, fever and other ailments
12 Life Lessons along the Path to Enlightenment by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D.
Cash flow analysis worksheet template
Australia has announced the new skilled occupation list for the immigration 2018
PTSD – over processing of brain to outside stimuli
Top topics on aging and health hacks Feb -March 2018
Safe herbs: milk thistle, kava kava, Echinacea, black cohosh and St. John’s wort
Whole foods prevent inflammation
Reducing belly fat
Inhibition of human aromatase (estrogen synthetase) by plant Flavone (flavonoids), for breast cancer prevention
Restless Legs Syndrome in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease
Cooked your greens rich in oxalates to prevent kidney stones