During the last 20 years, your body is exposed to inflammation such as over consumption of sugar, stress and trauma, gut bacteria/parasites/fungus/virus, lack of sleep and other chronic disease which can be prevented before it becomes Type 2 diabetes, depression, hypertension and even cancer.

  1. As we age , we are 10k times more prone to attacks from parasites and cancer.
  2. If we don’t get our 8 hour night time sleep, we are slowly breaking down the barriers in our cell mucosa making it possible for unhealthy microbes to travel to other sites from liver to blood and then brain.
  3. It takes cancer to overpower our cells at least 20 years.
  4. Know signs, detox your body starting with your liver and use whole foods such as apples with 100 million healthy bacteria to help fight invading pathogens. Do avoid these environmental toxins feeding on weakened cells invaded by parasites, fungus and virus.