What are important body signals that can be problematic 20 years from now?


Sense of smell and taste can predict neurodegenerative health issues. I do not want to use disease since health issues can still be prevented if we are proactive. With health knowledge now readily available in the internet, we can have an idea of what is happening to our bodies. There is Quora.com where I answered topics I read and simplified and experienced some of them as I work as a caregiver, apprentice midwife and pharmacy technician instructor.

Fungus on our feet

When I work as a caregiver for a hospice client who is dying of cancer, I inspect for fungus on the feet since this tells me the life story of the body’s health struggles. Molds, virus, fungus and other parasites/bacteria can destroy our cells disturbing the balance, robs us of our nutrients and invades our healthy cells.  Thanks to antibiotics and other medicines, we can prevent proliferation of these microbes and invading organisms.

Bad breath

Lack of zinc and other nutrients in our diet can cause bad breath.


Excessive sweating can mean away from normal and must signal that our bodies are slow in responding to our signals or our nervous and endocrine system have health issues that need to be addressed early with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Depression, mood swings, irritability anxiety or negative spirit or behavior issues

Stress and trauma at birth and during childhood and adulthood can affect our brain as shown in our behavior and thought patterns.  I believe in nurture and the influence of our environment in creating a healthy brain. Hugs and kisses can have a positive effect in balancing our endocrine and nervous system.

Dental issues

Most seniors in care homes who have lived past 95 years of age have complete teeth. Cavities and gum disease can affect our health especially our heart or vascular health.

Metal fillings with mercury are toxic and best to replace them with healthy fillings. You can tell effects of metal toxicity from the curvature or ridges on sides of our tongue. Cilantro and other detox ways can help eliminate metal toxins from our bodies.

Skin itchiness, rashes, sensitivities, temperature and abnormal growth – a liver issue

Constipation, indigestion or bloating – digestive health issue

Gets sick easy – poor immune system

Allergies – poor immune system

Headaches or migraines – brain , heart, digestive and immune system

Sensitive to drugs, medications, alcohol and other food sensitivities – liver and poor immune system


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