Matching a caregiver to the needs of the client is very important. Many caregivers can now choose a high paying client, with flexibility and more hours since most caregivers wanted to be focused on one client and wanted live in situation or scheduling that can be part of other family-related tasks like caring for their own children and parents.

Those caregivers who are older are more experienced, more patient and loyal.

Many families seek a caregiver who they can trust and be familiar with as everyone treats every one like family.

Competing with other bigger in home care agency is easier when caregivers have training, being monitored, agency is proactive and knows how to satisfy the ever changing health care needs of the client.

A caregiver must know how to appease a client with Dementia. They have their ways, as a caregiver you are a mother , a family member and a nurse.

What is a good pay for the caregiver? Caregivers must be paid well as they do not only assist in daily living, but also includes tasks such as massage, cooking, shopping, driving and health monitoring.

Motherhealth is hiring caregivers in Los Gatos ( 12-hour shift ) and Hillsborough (live-in). In Home care is a very personalized in home support, non medical.