happy.JPGWe cannot change or wait for a man to make us their priority, our happiness is our priority.

My girlfriend waited for a man who did not make her happiness a priority and receive no affection.

So, I told her that her happiness is her priority. She cannot change him or wait for him to make her his priority. She received no affection for 2 years waiting for him to come back.

Because she thinks that her life as divorce woman is now totally different from the past including her social activities. She said he is controlling that no white woman can put up with him. She raised her children alone and never received any help in parenting from the father who is now separated from her and been with so many different women. She thinks he will change. He did not.

Be free ladies. We are here to receive happiness from what we do, the love we share with others. If the love does not come back, let that person be free for he is getting what he wants from others.

Let your future be free from bondage of any contractual agreement that you are not receiving the benefit of happiness and joy, only obligation.

We are in the current society that women must not be obligated to do duties alone and keep giving without receiving love back.

Women must keep their happiness a priority. In doing this, love will enter your house as you love yourself first and no man can step all over you like a piece of rug.

Love yourself and you will find your soul mate. Keep the positive spirit, contentment and love and spread it and it will come back a hundred fold.

Be blessed,