Nurses and nurse assistants care for more than 8 patients in an 8-hour shift. Tasks with many jobs and paper works to complete, they are tired to give a hug and kiss to their patients.

Seniors in the hospital can recover faster when given a personal care and attention from a personalized caregiver who gives them hugs and kisses.

They sleep for a short time and wakes up knowing that someone is beside them to ease their anxiety and panic attacks.

They can be giver closer attention, ensuring clean diapers and sheets and an attentive person caring for their personal needs.

Text 408-854-1883 if you need a caregiver for your mother or father in a hospital, rehab or nursing facilities.


A 98 year old client refused to be changed from his dirty diaper that the nurse left him alone in his hospital room. I came with his personal caregiver and I hug and kissed him and asked what his concerns are. He said that he wants less hurtful movements after having a fall and a hairline hip fracture.

So I listened to him and told him that his hospital nurse and personal caregiver will make sure there is no hurtful movements. So I instructed both nursing assistants to hold on to his shoulder and knee joint and get him to participate in the movement while I coax him to do deep breathing and praising him for his efforts.

Reminding him that he is a courageous air force pilot and engineer in the past. I kissed him goodbye when I left at night.