When you are underweight and had recovered from surgery, sometimes you have no appetite. But it is dangerous not to eat healthy and only have 1 meal to be skinny when you are already skinny after the surgery or stroke episodes.

The above is one health issue for one client of ours who is so skinny and wanted to lose more weight at 70 years of age and 6 feet tall. She sways as she stands up to grab her walker.

Motherhealth caregivers suggested the following to her  family to heal and recover:

  • Healthy carbs: yams or sweet potatoes
  • Without meals: Ensure or Boost or protein shake VEGA at whole foods to be added to her meals
  • ACIDIC meds can harm her tissues without nutrients….
  • CQ10 supplement should be combined with Statins
  • Warm soup with turmeric for healing…
  • For her energy, potassium and magnesium rich foods
  • For her nerves, Vitamin B complex rich foods
  • Omega 3 for anti-oxidants and absence of cooked fish in their house

Other holistic care we added for her is massage of tummy and all over her body since she has cold hands and feet and feeling cold always.  Exercise, fresh air and healthy meals with adequate hydration as her skin shows lack of hydration.