After working at Intel Philippines, I have to venture outside the Philippines to expand my experience in the tech world. I completed my BS Math at Adamson University and was formerly a high school teacher and trainer at Intel.

I was jogging one early morning at Bacoor, Cavite Philippines. And after my jog, I decided to visit our neighbor and peruse their newspaper.  I saw the ad for Technical Writer for Acer and went for an interview in the center of Manila.

There are 150 applicants who are required to write one page essay and pass the interview. I was one of the 8 applicants who got accepted who were graduates from Ateneo, De La Salle, Adamson and University of the Philippines. They were mad at me at first for I was offered a higher pay but later on they love me for cooking spaghetti for all of us every Sunday after church.

My new co-workers from the Philippines arrive in Taipei without knowing anyone but was fortunate to have a free one year housing from Acer. I only have $50 in my pocket.

I fell asleep in my first bus ride but was able to get the ride back. There was no crime in Taipei in the 90s.

Now, I say to my newly graduated nieces and nephews to read always, be an early morning person and grab opportunities like their future depend on it.