Trump’s Department of Homeland Security is separating children from their families under the pretense of “national security.” White House Chief of Staff John Kelly says that this was deter others from coming to the United States. Attorney General Jeff Sessions used the Bible to defend these actions. The secretary of Homeland Security says no such policy exists. (She’s lying.) Trump admits it’s happening, and blames the Democrats. (He’s lying too.)

Let’s be very clear about this: This is happening. And it’s cruel. It is unacceptable to rip children away from their parents as punishment. It breaks my heart, and I am sure yours too, to hear of the infant that was pulled from her mother’s arms while she was breastfeeding or the thousands of kids that are living in an abandoned Wal-mart and children being held in kennel-like cages.

I know it’s hard to watch this unfold. It’s easy to feel helpless. That’s how Trump wants you to feel—helpless, powerless, resigned to the reality of this cruelty. But there is something you can do.

The Daily Kos community is supporting numerous charities that are taking direct action to help the families along the border. I hope you can join me in supporting their work.

Thank you,
Amanda McKay, Daily Kos