Connie –

Yesterday, Donald Trump finally accepted responsibility for his administration’s disgusting policy of splitting up families seeking asylum in the U.S., and signed an executive order “ending the process.”

Don’t be fooled, Connie. Trump’s executive order does nothing to solve the immigration crisis. Under the new rules, border agents, instead of tearing children from their parents’ arms, will just throw the whole family in jail.

That’s not acceptable. Not by a long shot.

Not only has Trump failed to solve the problem he created, but if we don’t speak up IMMEDIATELY, Congressional Republicans are going to make it worse. Today, they will bring two bills to the floor. The first is dead on arrival, supported only by a handful of members on the extreme far right.

The second, though, is the so-called “compromise” bill, and it’s supported by Republican leadership. But it’s no compromise. It’s a cruel, unprincipled mess that:

  • Does not guarantee an end to family separations and accelerates the jailing of families and children at the border;
  • Eliminates basic requirements for the conditions of family detention centers, like the availability of clean water, food and medical care;
  • Provides $25 billion for Trump’s disgraceful border wall;
  • Leaves over two thirds of Dreamers without a clear path to citizenship;
  • Revokes over 3 million previously approved citizenship petitions of people who have followed the law and gone through the proper procedures;
  • Diminishes protections for those fleeing danger and seeking asylum in the United States.

We’re counting on you, Connie: Please call your Representative today and tell them that these bills are not worthy of their vote, and they’re not worthy of a country that still seeks to light the way for the rest of the world.