After a stroke, another stroke and epilepsy. A patient who is bed bound on oxygen can go back to the hospital for UTI. A 98 yr old male client returns to the hospital for blood in the urine. There are many reasons an older adult who has chronic illness can keep going back to the hospital. There are many reasons, being bed bound, there is less exercise and exposure to sunshine and fresh air.

Some foods at home are cold and family members are busy to cook home cooked meals.

If you own a house and wanted to try live in caregivers who can help prevent emergencies and can be part of your family while your family is many miles away, Motherhealth caregivers treat clients like family.

Share a room and we will give you a discount in in home caregiving to help you with quality of care , a loving and caring companion, giving you extra care with massages and grooming, cooking and light housekeeping and most of all , someone to help you monitor your health and be your health coach too.

Joinhonor caregivers are new faces every day. Other agencies are more expensive with less trained and less caring caregivers.

Have a companion who will treat you more than family.