Patient-centered care has become a prime focus for many health system as they move towards a more value-based care, but what more can be done to ensure patients are receiving the best care.

To bridge the gap between needed care hands on care and technology:

  • Spending more time with patients to understand their holistic needs and high tech needs in their care
  • Using the power of our hands and hugs to give warm and massage to their aching bodies
  • Using compassion and love to motivate their minds to fight their disease
  • Total holistic approach as most medications causes 10 more side effects and discomforts to the patient


Today I met my current patient with lung disease and bed bound. I brought another caregiver as the other caregiver opted to work in the nursing facility for 24 hours a day to earn more. He is bed bound and fighting the bacteria/fungus in his lungs and other parts of his body. With one leg, he can lift himself up to help the caregiver insert the commode. He pee and poop on the commode and pee bottle.

With the caregiver’s loving hands, he gets his bed bath and massage every day. Within 8 hours, the caregivers have given him full attention and compassionate care. Motherhealth caregivers are always trained for first hour before they start their new job from healing foods, healing massage and holistic care.

Text 408-854-1883 to get a free 15 minute massage if you are a bed bound senior in the bay area.