Connie – you’ve probably heard by now: Justice Anthony Kennedy just announced that he’ll retire from the Supreme Court at the end of July. Trump and McConnell already stole one Supreme Court seat from us – we cannot allow them to have another!

It is now more critical than ever that Democrats take back the Senate in November. Everything is on the line: the future of Roe v. Wade, voting rights, LGBTQ rights and whether or not Trump and McConnell put another ultra-right justice on the Supreme Court for the next 30 years.

Democrats only need TWO seats to retake Senate control, and Jacky Rosen’s race here in Nevada could decide it all. But Jacky’s facing a critical FEC end-of-quarter deadline in just three days, and she’s still coming up short of her goal.

The only way Jacky will be able to hit her goal and turn Nevada’s Republican-held Senate seat blue is if grassroots donors like you give right now: Please, can you give $5 or more right now – whatever you can afford – to help Jacky flip this seat, take back the Senate and protect the future of the Supreme Court?

Thanks for stepping up when it matters most for Democrats.