Decompression Massage Therapy (DMT) in Campbell

Hands On Healing Chiropractic is the only place in the South Bay to offer this unique form of therapy that is similar to cupping but won’t leave you with any physical marks and is very gentle.

Supercharged Healing

What it looks like to get decompression massage therapy.

While traditional massage involves compressing tissue to stimulate circulation, release toxins and increase the health and tone of muscle, decompression massage uses cups with a regulated amount of suction to decompress the tissues to achieve the same benefits. Different sizes of cups are applied around to the areas being treated, resulting in a comfortable, relaxing and pleasant feeling.

The benefits of decompression massage therapy include

  • Relaxation of muscles and whole body
  • Reduced muscle spasms
  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of scar tissue
  • Improved overall tone and health of muscles
  • Improved blood flow
  • Elimination of waste products from the muscles and soft tissues

If you have an injury like a sprain/strain, stiff or tight muscles, or just want to relax, decompression massage therapy is ideal for you. A session takes only about 15 minutes but the benfits are equivalent of an approximately two-hour regular massage.

Benefitting Your Entire Body

Decompression massage therapy can be used almost anywhere on your entire body, from legs and ankles, to your entire back and neck, even your shoulders and arms. It can help speed healing and increase feelings of wellbeing in as little as one visit.

Success Stories:

One patient had long term pain on the top of her foot that prevented her from walking, her favorite exercise. She had received medical care and even had a cortisone shot in her foot, along with chiropractic care without experiencing long term relief. After a single treatment of Decompression Massage, her pain disappeared. She was immediately able to walk without pain and it hasn’t returned!

Another patient had chronically tight muscles in his thighs. He was having to stretch throughout the day to alleviate the pain. Each DMT treatment had reduced his muscle tightness and his need for stretching, and now he rarely experiences the spasms or has to stretch his legs!

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