Donald Trump is NOT to be trusted when meeting with Russia

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Chuck Schumer

Senator Chuck Schumer knows that Donald Trump can’t be trusted with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The president needs to remember that, as Commander-in-Chief, his duty is to protect the American people from foreign threats, not to sell out our democracy to Putin.
Paul Manafort - Trump's Campaign Manage IN JAIL National Security Advisor Michael Flynn LIED to the FBI Donald Trump being EXPOSED by Robert Mueller daily
If you agree that Trump can't be trusted to meet with Putin, sign your name:

Connie, Donald Trump is selling out our allies — like Germany and Canada.

All while praising and bowing down to Vladimir Putin at every turn.

We must be LOUD in opposition like Senator Schumer to stop Trump from meeting with Putin while alienating our allies.


This is about our National Security, Connie. Nothing’s more important.

–BOLD Democrats

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