stress and cancer

The use of vinegar (this particularly apple cider vinegar), has been effective in the treatment and the remission of many of these types of fungus.

Based on the stage of the condition and the general immunity system of the individual, whether the individual has the recuperative powers to recover with the assistance of the vinegar, the body can heal aided with less stress, adequate sleep and optimum nutrition.

High doses of Vitamin C, the use of lemon and other anti-oxidants (from whole foods) are primary cancer fighters that we can use.

Vinegar provides great benefit in countering most fungus types. Most cancer is a psychological condition, caused by free radicals within the system that have an effect upon the metabolism, creating a dissolving of the immunity system to allow these fungi, and other destructive elements (air pollution, metal toxins,stress,lack of sleep,poor nutrition, sugar) to grow in a destructive manner within the tissue.

Eggplant and garlic are rich in sulfur and other nutrients that can fight cancer.

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ChamDrug therapy: Solamargine and other solasodine rhamnosyl …

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Drug Therapy: Solamargine And Other Solasodine Rhamnosyl …

In this presentation, the development of promising novel cytotoxic solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides will be addressed that offer not only gains in specificity and …

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These glycoside compounds were named BEC. … “Solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides specifically Bind cancer cell receptors and induce apoptosis and necrosis.

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Feb 27, 2012 – … present evidence that an eggplant extract can cure cancer, while a search of “solasodine glycosides” and “skin cancer” revealed only three.

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