Our bodies maintain a chemical balance

By Connie Dello Buono

Each food, herb or medicine, sunshine, lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, and gene affect each of us differently. This is because our blood, tissues and organs have varying levels of life matters or chemistry. These life matters include skin, bones, chemistry, hormones, microbiota, fluids, fats, urines, toxins and other matters that make up our human body.

Fifteen years ago, when my father died of stage 4 lung cancer at age 64, I kept on searching the cure for cancer and the ingredients for longevity. His doctor said he had 3 months to live and we juiced green papaya and apples and he lived 6 more months. We also have my mom and sister massage his body and my brother carried him to his appointment to a spiritual healer to pray for him and burn incense. This happened in the Philippines. He only have 2 oxygen tanks beside him and has no pain killer. He said that the pain during the last month is like living in hell while still on earth. Did we make a mistake of not taking the path of chemo and surgery? Can we do more aside from what we know then?

After that event, I am a regular caregiver at bedside with senior clients who hired us as their caregivers during the last months of their lives. We massage them and I train other caregivers how to care for hospice clients with massage oil and other holistic means. When they expire, we cried, said our prayer and burned incense.  Many years have passed, and we are still connected to their love ones keeping them as friends and support system.

Someone emailed me about his quest for a cure for his brain cancer. And I said, I do not have an answer to details about the use of hydrogen peroxide and Vitamin C.  But, do start with probiotics, fresh carrot juice, fresh, garlic , anti parasite tinctures, detox metals with cilantro and other, greens, liquid melatonin and calcium with magnesium. Exercise, adequate sleep, whole foods. Without knowing his own body chemistry, I do not know what is missing in his body. I know that microbes from gut can travel to the brain that is why, I want to start with fighting them.

Another at QUORA, ask me this:  Is there more to heart disease management than taking medicine, eating healthy and exercising?

Avoid vigorous exercise, work to exhaustion, emotional stress, heat from too much exposure to sun’s radiation, standing all day with no hydration, pollution, not clean water and not eating whole foods. But most important is avoiding bacteria and virus from entering the body esp, mouth, teeth and other point of entry including the skin (largest organ in the body). Deep breathing, avoiding sugar and too much alcohol and infection. Do not over medicate, know drug interactions. Up Vitamin C intake, eating orange peels, parsley and onion-family (sulfur rich foods – colored ones). Take acidophilus and eat pickled veggies. Have good vowel and sunshine in the morn before 9am. Sleeping well and eating between 5am to 5pm. Drinking water when thirsty in the middle of the night. And a love one nearby to know of any ominous signs of heart issues.

We do not know our end, but we can fight the bugs that kills our cells if we know how to balance our chemistry.

Hope all is well.