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Although the mesolimbic dopaminergic efflux associated with drug reward was …. interact with themesolimbic pathways through a variety of receptor systems, …

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For the reward system which contains this pathway, see Reward system. The mesolimbic pathway can be seen here as the green projections from the VTA to the nucleus accumbens. The mesolimbicpathway, sometimes referred to as the reward pathway, is a dopaminergic … Addiction, schizophrenia, and depression all involve distinct structural …

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Mesolimbic pathway – transports dopamine from the VTA to the nucleus accumbens, … that themesolimbic pathway is involved in conditions such as addiction and … A dopaminergic system deficit in MDD may be related to defective reward …

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Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction: What Science Says … important to understanding the effects of drugs on the brain is called the reward pathway.

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In addition to pleasure and reward, the mesolimbic dopamine system is associated … with themesolimbic pathway to produce addictive and rewarding effects.

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In this video, I cover the reward system. … I discuss dopamine’s role in reward as well as the mesolimbic

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… Models of. Addiction & Depression · Molecular Mechanisms of Adaptation … The most importantreward pathway in brain is the mesolimbic dopamine system.

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Jan 16, 2015 – The term reward system refers to a group of structures that are activated by rewarding or reinforcing stimuli (e.g. addictive drugs). … The mesolimbic dopamine pathway is thought to play a primary role in the reward system.

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The reward pathway of the brain is connected to areas of the brain that … For example, certain drugs can …