Email of your availability as senior companion, caregiver, cook, driver or home helper. 5% net profit sharing after 12months. State your preference for live in or hourly.

We are also looking for business partners or marketers to find seniors who need care.

We include massage from our assistance to daily living tasks. Our clients have lived more months with our care where we treat them like family.

We also partner with assisted living and senior facilities in providing CNAs and caregivers. We are now in Belmont and Southbay. 408-854-1883 for fast response.

Free ebook on senior care, free seminars and free training to caregivers.

To save on fingerprinting costs, all caregivers are advised to enroll as In Home Health Support Provider in the county where you live. It is completed with 6 online video training, 1 hour of orientation and a $12 fingerprint costs at a Livescan, UPS near you.

Investors are welcome.


HCO # 434700121