Can we effect health and wellness with holistic nursing and complimentary health care from caregivers?


Why are there more emergency visits to those who have no caregivers? What makes someone live a little longer from a terminal disease? Can depression be lessened with personalize caregiving and bedside care with massage and hugs? After caring for clients who are bed-bound and have terminal illness, we found that the presence of loving caregivers providing massage, preparing healthy meals, and compassionate care with hugs and care helped them live longer and prevent emergencies, lessen depression and help promote wellness.


How can we find ways to do early nursing interventions with education and support from caregivers and family using holistic and complimentary care.


Equip caring caregivers with knowledge and tools to help senior clients live longer.

Use health promotion tool such as smart phones, massage oils, essential oils, healthy and nutritionally-rich cooked meals, health monitoring tools, exercise coaching with simple gadgets such as stretch bands and balls and other health promoting tools and tricks from preventing falls, bed sores, UTI, food poisoning, pneumonia and emergency health issues.

Work as caregiver with clients committed to resolve their health issues and prolong their life span.

Research all educational health-related materials and new research in areas of senior care and other debilitating health issues.

Coach client to choose healthy life changes daily with proper nutrition, massage, body care, exercise and loving companion to make client change mood from depressed to happy.

Teach and monitor caregivers daily on client care and health monitoring.

Do case management visits with clients to reinforce healthy lifestyle and positive health promotion.


Senior client live past the 6 months terminal lung cancer diagnosis with healthy growth and expected to live few more years on oxygen.



With loving care and personal attention 8 to 12 hours a day, a caregiver can help bring a terminally ill client to good health and increase his lifespan from 6 months to 2 years.

Personalize care is hands-on caregiving , coaching and loving hugs that robots cannot offer.

When family members are resigned to the care and there is only the caregiver who can implement care, the client can survive and even defeat cancer.