Medications , Nutrition and Herbs for Aging bodies

One hour seminar with 1 hour question and answer forum to answer questions about how medications help seniors and how it should be taken to promote health. Herbs and other complimentary health care are also covered to compliment current health care with the goal of promoting wellness and easy recovery.

Massage and caregiving for seniors

Basic massage for seniors to promote wellness. 1 hour

Zumba for bay area seniors

1 hour with music designed to promote healing

Brain Health

2 hours with questions and answers on various cases about brain health

Call 408-854-1883 or email to collaborate on giving this free seminars in your facility or for your employees.
We provide caregivers and CNAs to senior facilities. Contracted caregivers and CNAs are trained and monitored by Motherhealth.  Caregivers are registered at DSS and passed TB  test.
Motherhealth LLC
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Connie Dello Buono. Former Pharmacy tech instructor and health author. Health blogger and admin for Motherhealth , providing caring bay area caregivers or home helpers for non medical in home care.