To be employed as caregiver in senior facilities or agencies, you must be registered at the Dept of Social services (DSS) as non medical home health aid or caregiver and passed the TB test.  Motherhealth has a discount with Alliance for TB test. We also provide free caregiving training online, on the phone or in person.

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We can provide tuberculosis (TB), also known as PPD skin tests for your employees.  For the test, a small amount of solution is injected beneath the skin of the forearm.  The patient must return to the clinic in 48 to 72 hours to have the staff look at the injection site.  A negative test means that the patient has not had an infection with TB.  A positive result (induration or swelling greater than 10mm in diameter) means that the patient has been exposed and infected with TB in the past.  There are exceptions in some immuno-compromised individuals.  Generally, we will perform a one-view chest x-ray on patients with positive TB results to determine if the TB is in the active or infectious state.


 Standard price $30.00 per test

*Discount Price: $27.00 per test  (with forecast anticipated 100 employees per month)


One View Chest X-ray if test is positive                                                                $85.00


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