My mother had an inflamed knee which started on her left foot. The doctors are amazed at her age that she is still able to work.

During her sick moments, she easily cries and gets agitated. Soup with shrimp and fish and loaded with greens and oranges made her happy. And especially her red wines. She browses thru Facebook and Messenger to find letters and comments from her family and friends. She cried again.

I will ensure that she will be eating foods rich in omega 3, Vitamin E, C and B for healing. In going to the Asian supermarket, I pick up her favorite fish, greens, plantain banana, eggplant, eggs at Whole Foods Store, mangoes, grapes, red wine. I also served her decaf coffee and her warm bagel with butter and avocado.

Here is the version of the ebook about the many health topics I compiled and wished to publish soon.

healing part 1