Be ready to get a house that starts at $250,000 in auction.  At 9am on Oct 3 in Santa Clara courthouse, join the auction.

For those who have a space in their backyard and wanted a granny flat or ADU for rental income , email . A 2BR , 840 sqt ft starts at $50k. A 378 sq ft is for sale for $30k.…0.0..0.170.721.2j4….3..0….1..gws-wiz…..0.bSJna4zsfIE…0.0..0.170.721.2j4….3..0….1..gws-wiz…..0.bSJna4zsfIE

For green building of your own small house in 40 acre on Summit mountain in Los Gatos, space rent starts at $650.

Mobile space rental in the bay area close to cities starts at $1000 per month.

Affordable housing income limit for 2 is $54,700.

RVs starts at $20k.

We should all boycott homes costing close to $1,000,000 and contact your senators to provide affordable housing and open land for building affordable units.