Two MRIs, two more other tests and many more tests within 5 hours and the total hospital bill is $15,000.

How to reduce health care costs:

  1. Preventive measures from educated consumers, availability of clean water and air and healthy foods and affordable preventive doctor visits with no copay.
  2. Availability of affordable medications and free doctor visits.

Many of those who are terminally ill and still bombarded with more diagnostic tests when they can rest in the comfort of their homes with loving care and massage from caregivers from Motherhealth.

Some urgent care doctors are now educating the consumers on where to go with more affordable care.  Some hospitals are working with caregivers and educating the consumers on ways to lower their health care costs from telemedicine to other holistic healing ways.

Attend holistic senior care seminars on Wed in Saratoga at 7pm and Thursday in Palo Alto 9am. RSVP 408-854-1883 or

If you want caring caregivers personalized to your care needs at home as a senior, text 408-854-1883 for free assessment and to be matched with a caring caregiver within 24 hours.

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