In the bay area where housing is expensive, some seniors live in their cars or a skilled nursing facilities. Often, some of them are taking drugs or have some kind of addiction.

What to do when we have forgotten to care for our seniors who are now living in senior facilities with no family visiting them.

I was taking care of a senior in the past whose diapers were never change and it took me many hours of oil and hydrogen peroxide, hot water and baking soda to clean her.

As a society, where is our priority with regards to the care of our seniors.

Our caregiving team are like families to the seniors we serve. We fall in love with them. Many seniors cannot afford the personalize companionship with caregivers but is worth it especially during the last months of their lives as we massage them and are their companion during the times that they feel hopeless and depressed.

Holistic senior caregiving is what we offer at Motherhealth caregivers, 408-854-1883

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