Someone has to help you find a caregiver. You can hire caregivers directly, free or with a fee. Smaller agencies provide hands on monitoring and training for families and caregivers while bigger agencies are not hands on , no continuous monitoring of caregivers and may not care for seniors on regular basis as case managers and admin of an agency, every other day to watch out for emergencies. If you need a bay area caregiver to fit your budget, text 408-854-1883. Our former clients can tell you how we care for our seniors and prevented many emergencies and made them live longer in the comfort of their homes.

We also help other seniors provide affordable care and for others to also care for their homes and pets. Gourmet meals are served based on health needs of clients.

We have a client with heart, lungs and digestive issues and is thriving with our gourmet soups of protein and veggies.

Holistic senior care based on your health care needs with cooperation from the whole care team, medical and non-medical.


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