Doctors are recommending 24/7 home care with a caregiver to help a patient with terminal illness or a senior in hospice care be comforted and have a companion while being home-bound or bed-bound. A caregiver can bring personalize care that family members cannot provide. There are more tasks that a 12 hour shift or live-in caregiver can provide providing respite care and needed help for the family who also helps in the care.

Some patients who are dying do not sleep at night. Many seniors never experienced being massaged and Motherhealth caregivers provide loving touch massage.

They are exercised while sitting or lying on their bed. Exercise, massage and hugs are what define Motherhealth caregivers who assist in daily living, performs light housekeeping and monitors health.

Trained and also monitored, caregivers can cook gourmet meals suited to the health needs of the client.

Text 408-854-1883 to learn how to match caregivers with your parents who are bed-bound or home-bound. Let quality of life be within reach.

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